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After this pandemic  never find yourslf alone again - live here with friendly supportive gay men who are here for each other

a 'NOT FOR PROFIT' venue

Share a beautiful home

with other men over the age of 50
( with no upper age limit )

in a safe & supportive,

friendly & fun environment.

Bournemouth, Dorset.

Coastal living at its best.

This could be the south of Englands version of

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

or even

The Golden Girls

with a hint of

Fawlty Towers

This is the first such community living in the UK

Exclusively for men - Very informal and relaxed

Non religious - Non corporate - Non council - Non charity

The larger the organisation - The more people are involved -

 the less likely it is to get off the ground

and will crawl along for years and decades.

Many large organisations have tried - and failed

Hamilton Hall is here - Open
and already hosting to live in guests

A Not For Profit Venue
just a friendly sociable and intimate home with friends


We were recently asked if a younger - 35 yr old could be part of our live-on community and sure thing - absolutely - all ages are welcome as long as respect is shown for us more mature men.

 Copyright 2017 © John Bellamy & Hamilton Hall Promotions. All Rights Reserved



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  • Touching base


  • Hi, I am in Australia. I stumbled across your website while looking for ideas for a new concept with my not so lucrative guesthouse in regional NSW.




  • I have owned this property 20 years and struggled through some tough times. I am qualified in education and NLP so have done a lot of "helping" with guests over the years. Time to re-invent and I love your ethos and model generally. Well done. Pete

  • Sent on: 22 September, 2017

  • Hello John !
    We met on the Open Sea Cruise last week. ( October 2018 )

  • Remember I said you looked so familiar. Well, now I know why. I have actually been to Hamilton Hall a very long time ago ! It was a weekend stay over with some workshop - cannot remember what exactly ! I have read through your homepage again, and I must commend you on your ethos and the future concept of Hamilton Hall. It is both inspirational and settling to think that establishments like yours may be a way forward....reintroducing a sense of community, humanity, kindness, caring and sharing into our LGBT community in an impersonal time of apps and anonymity, I wish you the best of luck, goodwill, love and appreciation.
    Big hug. Sam

    Dear John.  Last year we closed our gay B&B after enough years where we just got tired of the same old rudeness from customers.  How you continually come up with all the things you offer - is astonishing  and you truly have an admirable mind for new concepts / workshops and chill out weekends.  Your ethos and attitude for a Community Living Space is brilliant and well thought out.  I take my hat off to you.
    Brian D.


  • Dear John: Hey what a cool concept...have heard alarming stories of senior gays having to ‘play straight’ in care homes after a life of being OUT.  Why don't some of those famous rich gays put some of their wealth into offering the community that supported them for decades something like this instead of investing in art collections etc.  Tony.

    Love this idea John.  I have been a member of ECC ( Edward Carpenter Community ) for many years and this was their initial idea some decades ago but have never managed to get anything even close to opening and running such a venue.   Well done to you for initialising this as the first in the UK.  I shall certainly tell everyone all about it.  Robert.


  • John, I have been saying the L.A. needs a gay community for older men like you have created. As elders, they find nowhere to go and are lonely and what you have set up is great and thank you! I hope one day our path cross. RF.


  • Dear John. What an awesome undertaking John - wow well done!! J.M.


  • Welcome and I enjoyed seeing Hamilton Hall and enjoyed reading about your journey.My partner is 90 I am 70.We have been together 32 years.We live in the states but I wish we had places like yours for to live.You are awesome in giving back to the community.

  • Thanks for having such an awesome mission in your life. Being of such service. Big Hug from Southern California!

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