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New Conservatory decor

Our Conservatory at the entrance of Hamilton Hall use to be the busiest part of the venue. It was the smoking room. Even the non smokers went out to join the smokers and continue conversations and it was a very popular room. Full of plants and seating and twinking lights, it was a very welcoming area.

Since the smoking ban, it has slowly declined and most do not even see it is there while actually walking through it.

A while ago I was cleaning up and realised that it had a dead energy - a sad energy - and that was not what was intended with this area and as I stood there, I ralised something needed doing.

Decoration and lighting makes or breaks anywhere.

So - going through the internet I found a wallpaper that exactly was what I was looking for, and remembering that the conservatory is actually built onto the outside of the house and how all the bricks have been plastered and painted over to hide them. I decided to actually use a wallpaper that was of bricks... taking the area back - in looks - to what it would have originally looked like - even if only vaguely.

Some were horrifed when I showed them the wallpaper and others were dubious, but I knew exactly what I was about to do.

With some new lighting, a new mirror or two and a few items taken down and stored and a few other things put in their place, plants massively trimmed and new ones added, it has turned back into a delightful area to chill and read, chat., take your tea and cake or simply to wait for a taxi... Electric sockets are always a premium in a place like this so I had Chris ( my electrician ) put one of those office systems in that has any amount of sockets anwhere you want that makes it so easy to add more and move them along as and when needed. So now there are less leads and less tanglement - and a much tidier appearance. After spending nearly £5,000 recently re roofing one of our flat roofs over one of the apartments in the roof - it stung how much it cost. As always, the price quoted always alters as they find more timber that needs replacing or there is more to the job than originally thought, and what would I know ? I am not a roofer and must - sadly - trust those I would otherwise not. Too late to make changes in the middle of a job. Mind you, the roofing contractor was quite a dish - broad, muscular, beefy, tattooed, sexy... but I can honestly say that probably had a lot to do with why he got the job...ha ha...

So I welcome your input when you arrive - not that it will make a lot of difference as I LOVE IT and that really is all that counts... it's my home - and my style and design abilities over the decades have always been enjoyed, and our newly decorated conservatory entrance is here for you to enjoy.

I am thrilled.

Now - What project is next ?


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