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Hamilton Hall is a large Victorian house that has always been a boarding house  for most of its life and turned into an hotel in the 1960's. 

In the late 1980's it was converted into a Care Home for the elderly and was eventually re sold in March 2000  to John Bellamy who then  turned it back into an 'hotel and it opened in July 2000  as a Sexual, Self and Spiritual development retreat style hotel for mind, body and soul of men - primarily gay and bisexual men.   and he has run it  ever since.

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After  more than 15 years running it as one of the most popular and talked about gay mens hotels in the UK - and after starring in the TV programme ' 3 IN A BED ' to huge acclaim -  Hamilton Hall is slowly changing - accepting 'live in guests' - offering a Community Living Space for men over the age of 50 .

This is not a care home or a nursing home.  This is a home and offers something a little bit different and a lot more caring than you will find elsewhere.

With your own private bedroom with ensuite shower etc. you also share our TV Lounge - Reading / Garden Room -  Community / Dining Room as well as the Conservatory and the delightful small and private garden.















As a community, we are all in this together and will all work towards building the rapport and support structure we need and to help keep 'our home' a place to enjoy and to help with this, we shall host regular 'House Meetings' to iron out any problems and help keep the energies positive.

With a relaxed, healing and supportive atmosphere felt as soon as you enter - this is the place to be.

Offering all meals eaten together at one large friendly and chatty table - and where dinner is the one time of day we  are all together to share  chatter and laughter as a community.   ( Meals can only be taken seperately if unwell or for those who may have a job and are working late )  Offering  a huge array of hot and cold refreshments and nibbles freely available 24/7 self service - you will never go thirsty or hungry. 

We offer Breakfast and Dinner.   There are many local cafes and restaurants just a few minutes walk should you want something during the day - or if you wish to heat up some soup or something easy, the kitchen is open until 1pm daily.  You are welcome to buy your own extra snacks and anything extra you fancy and a refrigerator will be available.  

Home cooked wholesome food with some limited diets catered for.

Hamilton Hall is not connected to any charitable organisation, corporate body, religious organisation or any other business and is totally self supporting financially and relies on those living here to enable the bills to be paid and the venue beautifully maintained. 

Hamilton Hall has been known as
'A Hotel with a Soul'
and you can feel the warm and loving energies as soon as you walk through
the front door.

You will find ample space to be alone and ample opportunity

not to be alone. 
The choice is yours.

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