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As with anything in life - there is always the Terms and Conditions or the Small Print - and we are no different.  After years of doing business it has been brought home on many occasions how important for you  and for us - this is - as some people do like to play silly games and some try and con us and get away with murder - and we protect ourselves - and you know clearly what is available - hence our Terms & Conditions.
All deposits held are returned 14 days after departure as long as there is no damage - you know - the usual thing when renting a space.

Moving in to live we ask you to sign either a 3 monthly contract - renewable or a 12 month contract - also renewable.  The actual, Terms & Conditions can be sent on request and covers your stay here, ourselves against loss and theft, and about behaviour offered to others.  Nothing outragous - Nothing frightening - just the usual legal mumbo jumbo that makes sense and has been written by ourselves in plain English and while probably waffles on a bit, is clear and precise and for your protection as much as it is ours.  Sadly,  you cannot always trust people to offer the best of themselves, and on occasions, we have had to rely on our Terms and Conditions.

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