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If you wish to visit and see the venue and feel if it is a good place to be - you are welcome as a hotel guest - and we will charge you the normal hotel price, and if you decide to move in and be a part of our comunity, this money will be fully refunded.

Initially the hotel will be running until we have enough 'communers' to enable us to close to the public and become just 'inhouse' residents, or 'communers.' 


Having a few guests in and out will be fun for those living here as we have always attracted some really lovely people and this interaction is often of great enjoyment. We will cook and clear and keep the hotel going and you are welcome to relax and chill out. We will ask you keep your own room and laundry sorted and just plump up the cushions and clear up behind yourself in the main shared rooms and leave it as you would expect to find it. 

When it becomes 'just us' here, we will then ask more from you - like helping with dinner and washing up and clearing away, keeping the place clean and tidy, helping around the house and garden and even taking it in turns to cook dinner  so John Bellamy can also enjoy the venue as another communer together and not as 'the host.'

There will be guidelines in place which we will all agree and sign up to concerning respect for noise, tidiness, clearing up behind yourself and not leaving it for others,  and privacy.

As this is the first - for any of us, we will be 'winging it' and as John has been winging it his whole life, as most of us have,  we will be in this together and will sort any problems, discuss issues that affect the household and community and work together in a regular house meeting - as friends - and always find a way forward in pearcful harmony. 

We are not naive and appreciate this will be difficult at times and ask that we all pull together to make this work.  After all, the alternative of being alone is fine for some, but not for many who dream of a community living space living and sharing with others.  It will take work and understanding, patience and compromise, and like with any relationship, may have its ups and downs, and we will forge together to make this work - for all concerned.



















As health problems become hard to cope with here,  moving into a professional care / nursing home may be down the road for some.

We are not a care home or a nursing home and cannot cope with dementia or any other severe or debilitating health problems and this must always be a consideration should the need arise and is in the individuals best interest as well as that of the community. 

This is a home and we are not trained or equipped and moving into a care / nursing home may be required.  We will help where we can, and we will all pull together to offer emotional and physical support,  but it is ultimately up to the individual.

All and any finances involved in this is for the individual and not the group to afford or even contribute towards and at no time is John Bellamy or Hamilton Hall responsible for your financial well being.  There are no free rides - sorry guys - it's a tough old world out there and Hamilton Hall,   like anywhere else, has huge overheads and where your host John Bellamy does not take a wage while working long hours 7 days a week. 


As a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE we rely on your financial contribution to keep the community afloat.  The building is owned by John Bellamy while the running costs are down to everyone who uses it.

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