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Good luck with this initiative John.  The prices are also very reasonable.  Cheers from Peter & Pete

What a superb idea John. Just wish there was something this side of the pond like you are offering.
Marty. ( san Francisco )

I truly applaud you for your new idea for Hamilton Hall John.  Everything you do seems to be innovative and imaginery and much needed.  Thoroughly good idea.
Simon ( London )

Outragous idea and so expensive. I would think for that kind of money I would be offered part ownership in the building. 


At 85 years of age, I know I have missed the boat on so much of gay life and now I am old and would have loved your Community Living, I am now an invalid and in a Nursing Home but had I been younger and more agile I would have hopped, skipped and jumped to your wonderful home.  How I wish I was younger.  Well done John. Absolutely well done.
Randolph ( Coventry )

Having just sold my flat and at an end as to where and what to do - I am seriously thinking about your Community Living.  My partner died last year and having been together for 23 years and never knowing alone time, I feel this could be right for me.
I shall be in touch soon.

Mike ( Manchester )

Followed your Hamilton Hall web site and Blogs for some years and absolutely love th way you see things. You do make me laugh. Coming to the Uk this summer ( 2017 ) and shall book in to stay when I know more dates.  Love your Community Living new web site.  Full praise to you John.  W could do with people like you here in Phoenix as the scene is quite empty of passion and we need a venue like yours. 
Guy ( Phoenix USA )

Well done on the new web site for your Community Living thing. Great idea and would love it if I wasn't with the family. After my long time partner died and I was left homeless ( he didn't leave a will and his family took everything and kicked me out of the flat and I lost everything ) my sister and her husband took me in and we have made our own very good community of three and it works really well.  Never been happier and I wish you the same sucess as we have made together. 
George ( London )

Read your new web site John and well done, great one.  Clean and crisp and the message it offers - of hope - is a wonder.  Hope that in my old age I will not have to face it alone. Hope that I shall have somewhere and someone around and not be all alone.  Hope that at such reasonable prices I shall be able to afford a life with friends around me and no worries of loneliness.  Hope - the hope you offer, is amazing. Well done John.
Mark ( Clapham )

John. Have been following your web site for some years and you sent an e mail promoting your new Community Living site and I had a read. Smart. Clear. Precise. Neat. Well done.
Read it all,  and completely get it. I am now 57 and certainly thinking about my future alone now that my wife died and I want to live a more gay lifestyle and know some of the pitfalls and your idea sounds a safe and comfortable alternative to the old song - ' Nobody wants a fairy when she's forty.' 
Well done
Marc. ( Selling up in France and returning home to the UK some time in late 2017 )


No one else is offering


This is the first.


and rely on your input to help us get it right.  Constructive input is welcome - anything else is not.

Well done my friend. Your Com Living - Brill idea.  Take my hat off to you. Thought about it myself so many years. No money though. Good for you and well done mate.
Manuel ( Mexico )






Stayed at Hamilton Hall many times over the years. Always felt at home and with friends. Admire your new idea for the place. Great stuff.  Geoff ( Paris )

Count me in as one of your admirers.  Read your Blog and web site often. Always something new. Now your Community Living - and a first in the UK huh ? Great stuff.  Well done John.
Barry ( Leeds )


Read all through your web site, every word, and absolutely love the concept.  You have certainly thought of everything.  Sadly I am married ( well not sadly ) I love my wife and we are good together.  In another reality I would love to 'come out' and live with you there.  To be an open and out gay men, naked in a house full of others, is a dream come true. 

Maybe in my next life.  Philip ( Portsmouth )

Living in northern California. Big gay scene.  Miss the gay scene of pre Aids when people seemed friendlier.  More intimate. Less fear.  Less drugs and less mental health. Or so it seems in my memory.   Your web site reminds me of when we fought together to fight the bigot and where we pulled together and supported one another. Not that way any longer. Sad.  Thrilled to see there are still those out there who are doing something good, for no hidden reward. I take my hat off to you John, if I wore one. lol.

Michael ( Eureka California )

Had to write. What a good idea. Love to live in a gay community. Maybe if I find myself alone ( married 47 years ) and we are happy. If she dies first - count me in. Edward ( Ealing )


I run my own business from home computer. Live alone. Lonely. Just 50 years old and costs lots to live alone in flat. High rent and bills. Cheaper by far in your Community Living place. Can live anywhere so that's not a problem. Big food for thought.

Barry ( Madrid )

Count me in. When I retire, I shall be there.

Jason (Bristol )

John. I see envy and resentment is alive and well with a few about what you do and what you are offering. So sad for them but such a compliment to you.   Personally, I am in awe of you. 

Robert ( Port Elizabeth - South Africa )

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