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Bournemouth Hospital

local facilities


Bournemouth Hospital - 10 minutes drive away

All of these listed below are between a 3 and 10 minute walk

from Hamilton Hall


Local Doctor & Dentist

Sainsbury's, Aldi, Lidl, Boots and a large shopping mall

Post Office, Banks and Building Societies

Local Library

Bus Station / Taxi cabs

Loads of cafes, restaurants and even fish and chips.


Bournemouth Town Centre is a 10 minute drive
and is a large touristy town full of foreign students learning English and something like 30,000 students at Bournemouth University.














With masses of shops, bars, restaurants and the best ( straight ) nightlife on the south coast with night clubs, bars etc, you would expect to find in London, New York or any large city - Bournemouth is the top resort on the south coast and puts its rivals in the shade,  offering a vastly better way of life. 


With hundreds of millions of £ being invested in the town over the last few years - Bournemouth is not the 'old peoples home' it was once considered to be and has not been so for over 50 years.  It is a modern and cosmopolitan town with great style and has a lot to offer. 

Stunning parks, river walks, open green spaces and the New Forest and Hampshire 10 minutes drive to our east;- and the Jurassic Coast and stunning Dorset countryside 10 minutes drive to our west and north.

Several world class golf cources - loads of gyms - theatre

Huge new cinema complex
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Largest Free Air Show in the UK
Steam Fair - the worlds largest - just 30 minutes away once a year

Bournemouth is a gardeners delight and enjoys milder winters than most places in the UK and any gadeners living here are welcome to potter as much as they like.

( I have only known snow here a couple of times in 20 years and even then,  it didn't last long )


The Bournemouth LGBT Scene is thriving  and like most places, many are turning to the internet to meet people and as bars and clubs close, never to re open, and as most gay hotels have turned 'gay friendly' in line with every other hotel in the land,  LGBT venues and the opportunity to meet informally and not just for sex through Grinder or gaydar etc. is becoming harder for the older man,  and Hamilton Hall hosts a weekly Coffee Morning for Men and can expand on this if those living here want to help host.  This can be a perfect opportunity to meet the locals and offer a somewhat more intimate approach to making friends rather than 'on line' - as 'in person' is so much nicer.





The most beautiful naturist beach in the UK is a 20 minute drive from us - and then a 20 minute ferry ride ( £1.50 return ) and then a 20 minute walk the other side, and is a very popular beach with gay men in the summer  and where you can get an all over tan.  It is also a great place for a long walk with the dog to the pub at the far end - and then a long walk back - probably by now - pissed. ha ha

Hamilton Hall is also a CLOTHING OPTIONAL VENUE and you can be naked throughout the venue and enjoy the sun trap in the garden for that tanned leathery willy look.


All shapes, sizes and ages can be found naked on Studland Beach

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