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Looking towards Hengisbury Head from Boscombe

15 minutes walk from Hamilton Hall

what is available

Own private room with shower etc.
Single and Double Rooms available
All bedding - or bring your own
Laundry & Drying Room


Initial 3 month stay
then sign up for further 3 month stays or a year long period.

Decorate and furnish your  room

to suit yourself or enjoy it just as it is

Dog friendly
and we do not mean your old boyfriend.. ha ha

You may wish to live here alone

or with your boyfriend / husband

 Breakfast, Dinner and refreshments

shared at one large table together

which includes
Self Service Breakfast

( 8am - 11am -  but actually available 24/7)
Lunch - you sort yourself out with local cafes and restaurants.

Dinner is the one time of the day when we all get together
around one large table and share a meal as family
Meals can only be taken seperately if you are unwell
but dining together as family is what keeps us close.

Various snacks are available self service 24/7

Some special diets by arrangement

there may be a suppliment towards the cost

All utilities. Council Tax etc. are covered

Mobility Scooter Storage & Charging Point
Free Car Park - Free WiFi

Cleaner for the main part of the house
and you look after your own bedroom

Mini Bus for day trips out
Small and delightful garden

Evenings together watching telly or playing Scrabble
or anything that you may suggest







Spare bedroom should you have a friend or family member
wanting  a few days with you - with a minimal charge towards costs


Weekly house meeting to sort any problems

and keep the energies positive

Weekly coffee mornings for local men

and this is a perfect opportunity to meet some of the locals









You start with a 3 month period to see how you enjoy the place and how we enjoy  each other and then if you like what you have experienced, 

you sign up to a further 3 months, renewable each 3 months,  or sign up

for a full year contract where you pay slightly less and where you

truly become part of the community.

With a years contract, you may redecorate and refurnish your room - your way - and make it really like home. 

We do not accept DSS payments. 

This is a home share - NOT  a Care / Nursing home.




Have a job - Be retired

Do something - Do nothing

Run a business - Run a marathon

Walk the dog - Walk off lunch

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