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River Walk at Iford.  A popular dog walk of ours.
Just 10 minutes drive from Hamilton Hall


All our bedrooms are light and spacious.

Centrally heated with thermostats on each radiator.
Double glazed with windows that open.

3 rooms have shower, sink and toilet.  3 rooms have shower and sink.
Extra toilets and an extra shower are on the landing.

All rooms have new beds and furnishings and are well maintained.
All bedding and towels provided, or you can bring your own.


Fully fitted carpets and plenty of mood lighting as well as bright reading lights.

Wifi is available throughout. Plenty of electrical outlets.
TV points can be made available if requested for private TV viewing.

Security keys for access at any time. Small safe's are available on request.

Room 4 ( smaller double ) will be left empty and kept for when  someone

has a guest to stay over and a small extra nightly charge made to cover costs.



Well behaved house trained dogs are welcome. We have our own 'in house' Weimeraner bitch aged 9 ( March 2017 )

and enjoy wonderful daily walks where you are welcome to join us. She gets on well with all other dogs and is somewhat regal and superior - typical Weimeraner - or a bit like my late Mother...

Tranquility - Room 2

Twin Beds or Super King. 
Suitable for a couple or someone who likes a big bed all to themselves.
Includes shower room en suite with sink and toilet.

This room faces west and views the small garden and gets the afternoon and setting sun in the evenings.
It is the first room on the landing.

Joy - Room 3
Twin beds or Super King. Suitable for a couple or someone who likes a big bed all to themselves.Includes shower room en suite with sink and the toilet is just outside on the landing.


South facing room with a bright and sunny outlook.

Love - Room 5

This charming double bedded room has now been taken.

Serenity - Room 6

Single room with a bright and sunny south facing outlook. With shower room ensuite with toilet and sink.  All rooms have new carpets and beds etc. and all to a good high quality. This is our smallest room but one of the most popular.


Harmony - Room 7

This room is currently a Dorm Room for 4 people sharing and does not photograph well, but as a residential room we would gut it and turn into a mini suite with Double Bed and a TV Lounge area and has a full shower room en suite.  It would also be redecorated to suit the person or couple requesting this room. As the Dorm Room it has proven a popular choice and looks east so gets the morning sun and is a bright room at any time.

Peace - Room 4

This smaller room with a double bed and 'in room' shower and sink looks over the back of Hamilton Hall facing east - so gets the morning sun. This room will be kept as a spare room for visiting guests and a small charge will be made for each night B&B and dinner. 



at any time concerning the facilities and prices charged but please be aware, there are no free rides and as much as we would love to offer this at vastly reduced prices than our already low prices, we cannot afford to.  John Bellamy, the owner  and host at Hamilton Hall, worked for decades to save the money to be able to buy and convert Hamilton Hall  - on his own and with absolutely no help, back-up, subsidies or corporate / charity - business assistance at all,  and has worked tirelessly for almost 20 years running Hamilton Hall as a NOT FOR PROFIT hotel retreat for gay and bisexual men, and it has been a financial struggle yet he has always offered scores of free weekends every year to those in need. 


Hamilton Hall  will not subsidize your journey with our own life savings and hard work, as quite simply



Sadly there are a lot of people who assume they deserve something for nothing.

One person even stated that for the money he would expect a part share in the freehold of the property and this kind of absolute lunacy says a great deal about some people.

Nothing is for free and we all contribute to life as we know and expect  and desire it to be.


Copyright © John Bellamy & Hamilton Hall Promotions. All Rights Reserved


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