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  3. One month DEPOSIT paid and held by Hamilton Hall in case of any loss or damage. Returned between 1 – 30 days after termination if there is nothing to be charged and/or is left outstanding.

  4. All monies to be paid by direct debit / cash into Hamilton Hall’s account on the 1st of every month.

  5. We totally respect privacy and payment can be in cash paid monthly and your name and details kept private.

  6. Cash monies are accepted if you wish to vanish from society and ' hide out here'. 
    No rent monies are considered to be a deposit and / or refundable.
    All extra monies paid – ie: day trips – extra luxuries offered – etc.are to be paid in cash at the time. No tab or credit is raised and no monies ‘ carried over’ to another day / date / event. This keeps it easy and honest for everyone.
    Late payment over 48 hours will incur a penalty charge added.

  7. Late payments will need to be discussed immediately. After discussion if no payment option is offered - Termination of the contract at the end of the current month will be an option for management. 

  8. There are no Bursaries at Hamilton Hall - it is not a charity and has no income other than from the hotel and/or Communers paying to reside here.  All finances are for the individual and not John Bellamy and/or Hamilton Hall to sort out.  Please do not put us in an uncomfortable situation and please do not expect to be financially helped.

  9. Our Tariff to live here is published on this web site and will increase yearly in line with inflation. If at any time a larger than inflation increase is felt to be warranted, this will be discussed with everyone at a House Meeting openly and honestly.  Unlike government, we will hide nothing and will always tell the truth.

  10. As a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE anyone not paying or abusing our generosity  will be prosecuted and / or their contract with Hamilton Hall immediately terminated with removal at the end of that current month.

  11. In accordance with Number 7 above, if terminated because of no payment, then the deposit monies are kept towards our losses.

  12. Any Deposit held is not to be considered by the communer  towards rental fees owed..

  13. The venue is fully insured and you are welcome to obtain your own insurance to cover your own things if you so choose.


  1. Monthly monies paid to Hamilton Hall for community living within the venue covers:-
    Your own private bedroom ( Double & Twin may be shared with arrangement and agreement with management and the charges discussed and mutually agreed and signed for on commencement.)

  2. Breakfast and dinner - all refreshments and snacks available 24/7 - all bills ie: utilities -  cleaning of the main part of the house.

  3. Three monthly contract may be renewed each 3 months allowing 30 days notice to either continue or vacate.

  4. With a year contract signed, the bedroom can be redecorated and furnished to the renters pleasure – own furniture and pictures hung, own bed and wardrobe etc. to make it more personal and like home.

  5. Improvements: Hamilton Hall makes regular improvements and repairs but if and when a communer wants to alter their room in a manner which is unnecessary – but required for them personally, the Communer pays all costs involved.  If the Communer leaves at the end of their years contract, and items replaced and alterations undertaken that need to be ‘put back’ in order to re let – are paid for by the Communer.This is always open for discussion.

  6. Termination of a contract requires 30 days written notice. All monies are to be balanced between Hamilton Hall and the Communer.   Any deposit monies are not to be considered towards rent, food or anything else. It will be returned within 30 days of leaving the venue unless charges are to be made.  All extra charges will be invoiced and all charges explained clearly.

  7. As with any contract, if a Communer tries to fiddle or wangle their way around something by misreading words written or misrepresenting meaning in the written or spoken word when it is clearly obvious what is meant and it is clearly obvious they are ' trying their luck' - or ' pushing it' - they will be told, quite clearly - and brought into awareness of their unenlightened manner and as with anything else in life,  we are forgiving - but not fools - and anyone treating us with disrespect - be it financial, personal or in any way - as such will not be tollerated.

  8. Damages: All ‘ stupidly obvious’ damages are paid for by the person responsible

  9. A TV , music sound system etc. offers privacy in each bedroom for long term guests.

  10. Overnight guests.  Any ‘Communer’ may have an overnight guest in his room for a maximum of 3 nights without permission or charge from John Bellamy / Hamilton Hall.
    After 3 days - A Communers Guest may stay longer periods up to a maximum of 14 days at £50 per 24 hours or part of – and this charge will be agreed between the Communer and Hamilton Hall towards the costs involved. Liquid Refreshments  are freely available but meals – any meal – are to be paid for.
    Breakfast - Included
    Lunch - £10
    Dinner -£20

  11. Hotel functions: If the hotel is still functioning as a hotel and Residential Communers are a part of this, then  guests of someone living here may be charged the full hotel rate during high / busy season periods. See  for tariff page.

  12. All renters are responsible for keeping all communal areas clean and tidy and as you would expect to find it.  As community living, being considerate of others is a priority. Selfish attitudes will not be tolerated.

  13. Behaviour: Everyone living here agrees to a Code of Behaviour' and is expected to respect other peoples space, noise levels, personal habits and belief structure.  We may engage in exciting debate - but arguing serves no purpose and is discouraged.

Hamilton Hall offers individual bedrooms per person / couple as a ‘HOME’ within Hamilton Hall.

This room is paid for and enjoyed by ‘ THE COMMUNER ‘  and is considered to be private and personal for them. 

They will be classified as RESIDENTIAL GUESTS or 'COMMUNERS.'

The rest of the venue is considered ‘ COMMUNITY LIVING SPACE’ where we all share the Lounge – Dining Area – TV Room – Community Room – Conservatory – Basement – All outdoor garden spaces –  Laundry Room and all hallways and landings and where needed, The Landing Bathroom and downstairs toilet facilities.

Community Living is a space for men to live together and to -

Be friends.

Keep an eye in case of health problems.

Support, nurture and care for each other.

Shop, Watch TV, Play games. Garden,  Cook, Days out together, Have a job - or be retired, Walk the dog – anything that involves sharing and being a community TOGETHER and no selfish or arrogant attitudes;

No lazy bods expecting to be looked after without putting something back into the group –
No ‘ poor me’ attitudes –  If you cannot cook, then you can garden, or clean, or shop,  or wash cars, or do something to equal the workload offered by others in order to maintain the venue and keep it safe for all those  living here. Community Living means equally sharing some of the responsibility of the venue, each other and all aspects of running a home.  It will be minor considering what it takes – and you will help out if and where asked / expected and this is to be done freely and without complaint.

Hotel Guests : If the venue still accepts other hotel guests, then John Bellamy is responsible for these guests and staffing levels needed will be provided and paid for by him.

Hotel Staff :  Are not to be at the disposal of Residential Guests and if you want your room cleaned or laundry done, then you can pay the staff member accordingly or do your own room. Staff payment from Residential Guests is £10 per hour or part of, paid cash AT THE TIME and we do ask that you do not take advantage or expect the world.  ( Correct s of June 2017 and may increase with time. )

Everyone contributes. Everyone pulls their weight. Everyone lends a hand. Everyone is expected to join in and share of themselves.

Everyone’s personal space is to be respected.

Weekly House Meeting – which everyone is invited and expected to attend - to discuss peacefully any ‘in house problems’ between residents.

This will be chaired by John Bellamy or someone agreed in his absence.

Breakfast and Dinner provided.

Extra food stuff is available by buying and preparing yourself – you do not help yourself from our stock - and  respecting the kitchen space when preparing meals.

Communers – like a hotel guest, may not use their room to cook meals – plug in expensive extra heaters ( except where Hamilton Hall has been asked / advised in advance ) or abuse the room and its power supply above and beyond what would be considered normal use.

All refreshments – tea coffee juice etc. included.

If extra food and refreshments are required, or a better quality or different brands,  each person is welcome to purchase what they need for themselves and to share - or contribute towards the extra costs involved.

Gluten Free / Vegan / Special diet meals will not be available unless an extra financial payment is agreed and paid in advance towards costs involved, extra time catering and learning to cook new menu’s.  You also help with this.

Any resident may purchase wine and alcohol towards meals and evenings enjoyment and to share with other residents.  Hamilton Hall will supply a basic wine for dinners – and anything else is up to the individual to purchase independently.

Garden Space:  We ask all ‘Communers’ to keep the house and garden clear of rubbish and used dishes etc. and maintain the venue and garden how you would expect to find it – CLEAN AND TIDY.

Dogs are allowed with permission.  No other indoors pets are permitted.  Please ask for details.


& how we are a men only venue


If a venue has SHARED ACCOMMODATION - SHARED BATHROOM FACILITIES and / or EXTREME EMBARRASMENT COULD BE CAUSED BY MIXING THE SEXES,  you can legally discriminate.  For example:   A house for women escaping abusive men cannot allow men in the building. 
Hamilton Hall has some shared bedrooms and therefore shared bathroom facilities;-   and with a dorm room for 4 people sharing;- and  being a clothing optional venue,  this could cause concern when going naked and could easily create extreme embarrasment for some.

We qualified to be a MEN ONLY VENUE - all legal and above board and I have a wonderful letter framed in the hall from Andrew  Goldsby of the EHRC thanking me for my time and work involved and I truly felt he was sympathetic to us as he probably deals with real discrimination and sees the harm it can do, whereas a silly women just trying to be funny,  just means we needed to dot the i's and cross the t's  and make it all correct and up to date with the new laws.

HERE for more details.-


  1. Day trips will incurr payment  towards petrol costs etc. 

  2. Meals out together, we pay our own way and you may contribute towards the drivers expenses.  

  3. Christmas & New Year may incurr a small extra payment towards better quality booze and a more lavish menu to spoil ourselves over the festivities. 

  4. Travel to and from Hamilton Hall.

  5. Medical expences - Taxis - and anything we cannot think of currntly but that are common sense. If you do not have common sense, we will make sure you are informed what is and what is not considered free and what is to be paid for yourself.  ( If you want that porn star from New York to be flown in to give you a massage with a Happy Ending - somehow I think you will be paying for that yourself - and just watch the envious eyes around you... ha ha

  6. Mean people who simply hate paying for a cup of coffee in Starbucks on a day out - or who act in  a manner where others offer to pay because you do not - all the time. If you are genuinely not as flush as others - naturally we will club together to buy a coffee or some lunch,  but is not to be expected.   Of course we will all pull together-  but if it is felt you are taking advantage - you will be told - quite clearly - and a change in manner will be expected.   

  7. Health Martyres - Always complaining and always moaning will be encouraged to see a more positive side of life or a doctor.

  8. We do not clean your room or change your bed.  We give you clean supplies but you do the work. 

  9. Personal slaves.  You want a cup of tea. Make it yourself.

As with the Terms & Conditions for Hamilton Hall Hotel,  as people have played ' funnies' with us over the years - so the Terms & Conditions have had to grow to encompass all the silly games people try and play in order to ' get one over on us' and this is true for our Community Living Terms & Conditions.  We ask you to please do not push your luck - do not abuse what we offer - and/or our staff and management and please be respectful towards all those visiting or living here.  We also expect this to be extended to our neighbours and local visitors to Hamilton Hall.  If you have friends and family visit, we will offer friendship and respect and expect the same in return.  Having to be official and legal is much needed in the modern climate of everyone suing others for the simplist of things and once you sign up to live at Hamilton Hall it is to be understood you are moving into a home where we all pull together and 'make the best' from everything and share the journey through communication and friendship. Anyone taking advantage and 'pushing their luck' will be told.

We want / expect everyone here to live - as far as possible - in harmony. Naturally arguments and 'falling out' will hapopen and we wish to keep the energies positive and supportive and to this aim, EVERYONE is responsible for maintaining this.  It is not up to one individual when we are all in this together.

Naturally we all have off days - bad days - moody days - sad days - and we are all here to understand and help.

We are aware how cheaply we have priced our facilities for Communers and do not expect to be given grief over our charges.  If you cannot afford to live here, then you will not.  There are no free rides and everything in life - is to be paid for by the individual concerned.  We offer PHENOMINAL VALUE FOR MONEY and if you think you should be given a part ownership in the venue for the price ( as has already been voiced ) or that you feel we should be offering more for the price - or any other financial complaint you can muster,  this is unappreciated.  If you wish to offer financial help with something - ie: a special day out you wish to promote and subsidize - or you wish for a special birthday dinner and wish to pay towards - this is always well accepted and appreciated by all. 

People who say they can - can.

People who say they cannot - cannot.

or to put it another way :- with another famous story :-

'Come to the edge' -  He said.

'No - we'll fall' - They answered.

'Come to the edge' - He insisted.

'No' - they screamed - ' We will fall.'

'Come to the edge ' - He demanded.

They came,

He pushed.

They flew.

Who knows what we can do here at Hamilton Hall Community Living for gay men over 50.

Who knows what the future holds for any of us.

Who knows how long we have or how healthy we will be.

What we do know is that we live better, happier, healthier and more constructive lives when we share with others and create our own reality - our own 'safety net'  - and we welcome you to be a part of this community and as the first in the UK exclusively for gay men - and as many others have tried and many others have failed - we will set a precedence for others to follow.

This will be your home for the forseeable future.  Why not give it your very best and see what the future holds for you living in your mans cave. ( lol )

Copyright 2017 © John Bellamy & Hamilton Hall Promotions. All Rights Reserved

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